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Stainmasters' Estimate Page

Stainmasters offers a number of different carpet and upholstery cleaning services. We offer truck mounted and portable steam cleaning as well as dry cleaning.

Currently we are having a 50% off special. It's only $16.00 a room for portable steam clean or the whole house special (up to 6 rooms, additional rooms at regular price) is only $88.95. It's only $19.00 a room for truck mounted steam clean and the whole house special is $108.95. These services include a color brightener, sanitizer and a deodorizer, and we will move most of your furniture for free. Two rooms and a hallway can be dry cleaned now for only $59.00 (maximum 350 sq feet, $0.17 for each additional sq feet).

The whole house special is applied When you choose six or more areas to be cleaned.

If you would like a steam cleaning choose the type.
Click here to learn about steam cleaning

Portable steam clean
($16.00 a room)
Truck mount steam clean
($19.00 a room)
No steam cleaning

What rooms would you like to have steam cleaned?

Living Room
Family Room
Dining Room
Stairway ($20.00 per flight)

If you would like to have dry cleaning performed mark the checkbox below.
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Dry cleaning
(2 rooms and a hallway for only $59.00
maximum 350 sq. feet, $0.17 per sq foot after 350)

Choose what upholstrey you would like to have cleaned.
The upholstery prices differ depending on the fabric type. Most upholstery can be steam cleaned, however, some require dry cleaning. If you're not sure about the type of fabric, choose steam cleaning and our technician will perform a fabric test to determine the necessary cleaning process. You may choose whether or not you would like the upholstery cleaned at that time.

Steam Clean
for Synthetic/Man-made fibers
(Herculon, Polyester, Nylon)
Dry Clean
for Natural Fibers
(velvets, silks, cotton, prints)
Couch:            $39.95 each   
Loveseat: $29.95 each
Recliner: $29.95 each
Chair: $24.95 each
Ottoman: $10.00 each
Dining Chair: $ 9.95 each
Sectional(3-peice): $89.95 each
Sectional(2-peice): $79.95 each
 $69.95 each                       
 $49.95 each
 $49.95 each
 $39.95 each
 $19.95 each
 $19.95 each
$149.95 each
$129.95 each

If you have any questions about this estimate
please feel free to give us a call at (916) 978-4700

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